The Generalitat Valenciana has said that it will lift the curfew next Monday, June 7, and will allow the nightlife sector to be reopened progressively and prudently in the face of the slight rebound of the number of coronavirus cases in recent days.

Ximo Puig made the announcement on Tuesday, in a ceremony held in Elche. The president said that the virus is still with us and that we are still in the grip of a pandemic and that therefore we must continue to act prudently.

Since the state of alarm was lifted, on May 9, the Generalitat has twice asked the Supreme Court to allow it to keep the curfew in place. The last extension was granted ten days ago but there will be no more. However, it remains to be seen if other restrictions will be maintained , such as the limitation of the table capacity inside bars and restaurants.

The interdepartmental commission will meet on Thursday where it will address these issues.

Regarding the obligation to continue wearing a mask, Puig confirmed that in places such as beaches or open areas “the legislation regarding masks will be eased sooner rather than later, because it has been shown that, outdoors and with adequate ventilation, they are safe places.”

Experts in the Valencian Community have already stated that with the numbers of people now vaccinated, the mask could be dispensed with in outdoor spaces, as long as there are no crowds and therefore the safety distance can be guaranteed.

As for people under 60 years of age who are vaccinated with AstraZeneca and who are waiting to receive their second dose, it seems that the vast majority of them, over 90%, will opt for AstraZeneca to complete their vaccination, according to the information from unions representing the Local Police, Firefighters and teachers.