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Barely a day goes past without the word immigration appearing. It is a word that is agreeable to some in that it is acceptable, and to others it should be better controlled.

There is the recent story of two Indian Sikhs, a Mr Lakhi Singh and a Mr Sumit Sehdevi who had been in the United Kingdom for over ten years, when they overstayed their permit all that time ago.

The Home Office in its determination to deport them, arrived in a van at ten o’clock one morning, outside where they were living in Glasgow. With the support of the local Police, they arrested them and put them into the vehicle.

Now, whilst I do not know, I am reasonably certain none of that would have happened if it was not totally legal, as nobody in the Police or other body of authority wants to be on the receiving end of a claim for false arrest.

But two hundred people surrounded the van, with one laying underneath it so, the people from the Home Office cannot leave. This goes on for seven hours.

What I do not understand, as the report goes on to say, why would the First Minister of Scotland get involved and instruct the Police to release them. That is a lot of authority being flexed for a routine matter, bordering on dictatorship.

For sheer piracy, being out of step with most Governments and against all Human rights, the Government of Belarus, under the dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko, with thoughtful planning, traced a person they dislike through their secret service, (I only guess it must be something like thatknow he is on a Ryanair jet airliner and is travelling from Greece to Lithuania. Using a fighter aeroplane, they force the passenger aircraft to divert to Minsk, so they can arrest him.

Two different instances of people in power using it to make their point.

What is needed, not only on the home front but worldwide, is strong control to protect the rights of the general population.

However, is it becoming more difficult as the following story indicates.  Police graduate recruits recently walked out of training when they discovered the police got involved in violence. The Chief Constable in Northampton went on to say that the recruits are sadly lacking in life experiences and they do not understand that as a Police Officer they would have to work unsociable hours, including weekends.

I think that just about sums up how the world is going, Youngsters are brought up, spoilt in their needs, fun and pleasure being the norm and it is someone else’s job to do the chores.

And as I have said many times, they are taught about ´woke´ ideals and are busier studying the wishes of the LGBT community, and often without a pleasant word when making demands to their parents, as the supplier of all their needs. Although I should add there are many teenagers brought up to understand good manners and the correct way that life works.

The ‘woke’ problem is not with the children as they are only following the example they have been given by elders, and that goes right to the top. For instance, there is the story of the mature student, Lisa Keogh, who went back to full-time education for a law degree. She was reprimanded by Abertay University in Dundee after saying during a discussion during ”an online seminar’ that there was a difference between men and women. As she has said since, ‘It’s biology, isn’t it?’

That is not the only university that has a different view on life than the majority of us, as on a regular basis similar stories appear.

In real terms it is not right to blame the youngsters with their manner of living. It goes much deeper than that. And a real need to make free speech acceptable and remove it being a criminal offence to talk in a hostile way to someone.

What is needed is an independent National Broadcaster, independent and trustworthy to show how damaging these actions are to the future. That is because journalism is being replaced by extreme groups who use social media to push their dangerous rubbish on a gullible but growing section of the population. chattey  Percy Chattey books are published worldwide through Amazon and Kindle