Percy’s Ramblings

One thing is certain in this living world, all things will pass through only once and getting old is the result of that journey. Lifestyle and thoughts of the individual determine how we handle this ageing process.

It is said by experts that the human race only uses about ten percent of the power of the brain, most of which is dealing with day to day living and current events.

In all our minds is the knowledge that sooner or later time will pass and we will be looking at a period when we are less able, and it is in those thoughts which will determine how we handle that part of our lives. On a daily basis we are told about care homes and disabled facilities which can influence the way we think.

My thoughts, there is an attitude, surely helped by the barrage of information from the media about getting old, everyone is going to develop infirmity and therefore are encouraged to make early plans to cope by changing their lifestyle, downsizing and preparing to become immobile, and sit down and give in with the first twinge of muscle pain.

Then there are others who use the power of their mind and look at life in a positive way with the knowledge that movement will become more difficult, but not impossible and the later years can become a joy with new skills to learn and a busy life to lead.

The brain, which taught our legs to walk, teeth to grow, twice, and our hands to grasp, with a strong positive attitude, why shouldn’t it be able to overcome the ageing process?

There are not too many people getting old in the Middle East. They are too busy killing each other over a conflict which has lasted since the nineteenth century and before, when there were skirmishes between the Jewish people and the Arabs of that time.

In this brief history, some would say very brief history of this conflict, although nations tried to solve the problem by granting the Israeli State to exist in what was scrub land on the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea.  The Jewish people turned it into a thriving community which was like a red rag to a bull.

The extreme dislike between the two groups  continues, turning to loathing of which the young are taught of the bitterness at an early age and to hate. Which means like the ancestors before them they will be exchanging bombs and rockets between each other, as the warring faction  have been doing since nineteen forty eight. Until the leaders put their dislike aside and start promoting peace and to grow their nations then the destruction will continue.

The damage caused to the English language in my opinion is worse than exploding  shells and missiles. That may be a bit extreme, but it is one of the oldest forms of communication and used around the world.

And yet there are a growing number of people whose thoughts are different to the rest of us and would wish to change gentle words into what they are not

A train conductor has come under fire after his bosses apologised over a complaint from a ‘non-binary’ passenger because he greeted customers by saying ‘good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.’

Two people complained at the use of the words, just ‘two’ not a train load. They complained because they say they are ‘non-binary’  and do not accept there are girls and boys and prefer the words Zie & Zim, my guess is the two words mean exactly the same. I wonder what they call their Mum and Dad?

Why the train operator apologised is surprising as the phrase was perfectly acceptable English in a polite form, they were on an English train run by an English company in the United Kingdom. Surely, they  should have explained to the passengers the wording was acceptable but instead they told the conductor he was out of order.

It was mentioned in the report the complaint stems from, in my opinion the badly worded ‘Equalities Act 2010’ which forbids the use of language referring to somebody something they do not recognise (my phrasing), I am sure that is meant face to face, not an announcement on a trains communications system.

It is difficult not to feel sorry for people who have  enveloped themselves in the LGBT beliefs in that nature did them a disservice and their upbringing allowed them to think differently. The power of the mind changing natural thought.

There is a whisper that the Government is taking steps to ensure free speech will overcome, especially in universities where some of the problems  have originated – that will take some brainstorming in certain circles to change mental thought and certainly among the ones who do not consider who they are and believe there are differences in people other than the two sexes.

Certainly, history tells about men and women who have in their own way changed the World and one thing is certain when a ‘dig’ takes place at an ancient monument they only find one of each – male or female skeletons. percy chattey, the thrilling writing of Percy Chattey can be found on Amazon and Kindle.