GamStop started in 2018 to eliminate problem gambling and wisely help vulnerable groups. Before its inception. The UK agencies were focusing on curing the addicts without preventing them from playing in the first place. Consequently, the players were failing to continue treatment and tend to gamble with more money! GamStop has learned from past experiences of these agencies. Also, it makes its research to better understand gambling addiction.

So, the UKGC promptly recognized it. Given that it is the latest exclusion service to join the gambling industry in the UK. In 2020, the UKGC announced that British casinos must integrate with this GamStop. Otherwise, it will cancel their license! This decision created a new scene in the online gambling industry. It put all the operators in front of a difficult decision; Either they integrate with this scheme to exclude addicted players, or lose the UKGC license.

What Are The GamStop Goals?

Due to the increase of online casinos numbers, many gamers have found themselves unable to do without gambling. These players spend a lot of money on gambling games. Although they deeply regret the losses, they cannot stop!

Studies indicate that both men and women are vulnerable to gambling addiction. Yet the risk increases when the addict is the head of the family. This case threatens the psychological health of children and the social image of all family members as well.

However, detecting gambling addiction is not easy at all since it does not engage in substance abuse. Thus, it does not show any notable symptoms on the addict. Sometimes the solution can be the intervention of a family member to provide psychological support to the addict or provide it through an experienced therapist. But, the addict must be prevented from accessing gambling sites first!

Therefore, GamCare established to provide a free self-exclusion service for addicted players from entering online gambling sites. Thus, if you think that you are spending a lot of money in online casinos and that you are prone to gambling. You can exclude yourself from playing with GamStop.

Since the UKGC required operators to deal with the Gamstop. This service places new tasks on the operators’, and indeed it has proven effective so far. However, some drawbacks reduce its effectiveness in curbing gambling addiction among players.

How GamStop Works?

First, the service asks players to register a new account by providing their personal data. Such as the full name, birth date, and email address.

After that, the player should choose the exclusion period that ranges from 6 months up to 5 years. Of course, the player is free to register and choose a suitable period, but he cannot adjust this period afterwards!

Typically, the player’s account will be verified within 24 hours. Once the GamStop team activate it, the player will get a message in his mail. So, he can’t play at the British casinos that he has accounts on or open an account on a new casino.

Note that UK casinos are obliged to cooperate with GamStop to have the UKGC license. However, many non GamStop casinos listed at that hold MGA and Curacao licenses that don’t have to integrate with GamStop! Undoubtedly, this scheme is very useful for players who have a bendable will!

However, it can promote non-British casinos indirectly. In addition, it is not considered that many players can participate in this program, thinking that they are addicted, and they are not! Also, it is still under experiment and has not yet reached the desired maximum development.

GamStop Service Achievements

GamStop stats indicate that its subscriber numbers in the UK are about to reach 200,000 players. This is a record number in one country, given that the service was launched in 2018. In 2020, the agency published a report indicates that registered female players in the service have been increased. This means that the lockdown measures affected the mental health of both men and women in no difference.

During February 2021, GamStop recorded growth with a 21% percentage according to the guardian. In the same month, about 50,000 (25% of GamStop players) tried to play in the UK casinos and they have been blocked! This means that GamStop is an effective wall that prevents addicts from accessing casinos.