C.F. Bonavista 0 – 7 Torrevieja C.F. Femenino

Goalscorers: Alicia, Aintzane, Ruth, Laura (2), Alba, Laura Cano

Although it was an unfortunate morning for the women of Elche, Torrevieja Feminino ran riot on Sunday morning achieving their best result of the season.

Alicia opened the scoring after just 13 minutes after which the visitors were virtually encamped in the Bonavista goal.

Aintzane, Laura and Ruth added to the first half gooals with Torrevieja going into the break with an unassailable 4-0 lead.

Allthough Bonavista made more o fan effort in the second period the visitors had extended their lead through Alba withing nine minues of the restart.

Further goals came from Laura Cano and Laura, with her second of the game, as Torrevieja ran out winners after their dominant display.