• The Premier League is one of the biggest soccer leagues in the world and attracts many passionate fans. Here are the championship wins in Premier League history.

Rated as one of the biggest tournaments on the planet, the Premier League has undergone a long time developing to get where it is today. 

Manchester United are ranked 2nd on the rankings, behind Man City with an 8 point difference. Is it possible that MU can crown the championship this season, when the past was the most winning Premier League team in history. Join Fun88 and track their odds as well as the odds of all 20 Premier League teams in the 2020/21 season. 

Now, please join us in reviewing the journey of Premier League football and the victories in this tournament. 

History of the Premier League

Premier League went through many different stages of establishment and name change:


The Premier League was officially established in 1888. It started with a name that is quite unfamiliar to today’s football fans as the Football League First Division. Aston Villa director, William McGregor, is the creator of a big tournament today.

During this period, only 12 teams participated in the Football League First Division-Premier League. It includes Everton, Bolton Wanderers, Stoke, Blackburn Rovers, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Burnley, Derby County, Notts County, Preston North End, Accrington, West Bromwich Albion, and Aston Villa.

Phase change

For about 100 years, the Football League First Division tournament fell into serious crisis due to clubs in England.

Economic problems pushed 5 big teams together and decided to separate from the Football League First Division.

Right now five big football teams include Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, Everton, and Manchester United.

Because of this decision, the Football League First Division no longer exists. It is replaced by the FA Premier League tournament, also known by the familiar name of his Premier League today.

Since February 20, 1992, the Premier League football tournament was officially established with the participation of 22 teams and has been adjusted to 20 teams.

The victories in the English Premier League

Many people still wonder why this soccer tournament attracts the attention of so many people. To put it objectively, the appeal of his Premier League football league is not in the appearance of any superstar.

It can be said that it is thanks to the thrilling and dramatic matches that are the factors that promote the curiosity of many football fans. Let’s take a look at the series of biggest Premier League victories right below:

1993-1994 season: Everton beat Wimbledon to win relegation

A year after the first tournament in Premier League football, the 1993/1994 season was a hugely successful one in the history of Everton.

Although Wimbledon led up to 2 goals, the Goodison Park team was determined to go upstream spectacularly to win.

‘Double’ by Graham Stuart and Barry Horne’s strike has successfully helped the home team stay in the rankings.

1994-1995 season: Blackburn Rovers almost lost the championship

The 1994/1995 Premier League football tournament has certainly been an unforgettable season for Blackburn fans because of countless heart-pounding times.

In the match against Liverpool, the Blackburn players quickly scored thanks to Alan Shearer. However, Liverpool played to their fullest and two goals later helped defeat Blackburn quickly.

However, perhaps with great luck for Blackburn, Liverpool-Manchester United’s longtime rival can only hold a draw against West Ham. Therefore, Blackburn automatically became the champion.

1995-1996 season: Manchester City lost when they thought they only needed to draw to be able to delegate successfully

This is an unfortunate color for Manchester City. The coach’s misunderstanding caused the team to temporarily drop down to the First Division.

Entering the final series now, Manchester City must compete with Coventry to stay in Premier League football.

Former Manchester City manager Alan Ball thought it took a draw to stay in the tournament. As they expected, Manchester City drew against Liverpool but the chance of relegation was lost.

1998-1999 season: Manchester United went upstream to win the championship

The football tournament has gone to the last minute, Manchester United is only a little away from his Premier Football Championship. The Red Devils must win Tottenham to win the championship.

The golden generation of Manchester United Club in 1999 / Ph.bongda.vn
The golden generation of Manchester United Club in 1999 / Ph.bongda.vn

Manchester United’s road to victory has never been easy. In the early minutes of the match, MU was ahead of the score. However, thanks to the calmness of two players David Beckham and Andy Cole, MU excelled at becoming the defending champion of English Premier League 1998/1999.

1999-2000 season: Bradford beat Liverpool to successfully relegate

As Bradford’s first season, it is obvious that this team wants to go deeper. In the final minutes of the tournament, Bradford hoped to successfully relegate with a victory over Wimbledon. As they expected, Wimbledon lost to Bradford and they were relegated to the First Division after 14 years in the Premier League. To commemorate this moment, a series of fans rushed into the stadium to celebrate.

2002-2003 season: Chelsea beat Liverpool in the top 4 race

If 1998/1999 was a successful season for MU, then the Premier League 2002/2003 was a turning point for Chelsea. This team excellently won the final thanks to goals from Marcel Desailly and Jesper Gronkjaer.

At the same time, Chelsea heard that billionaire Abramovich had bought the club. This is the first step in opening a new page for this Blues team.

2005-2006 season: Tottenham missed an appointment with the Champions League

Maybe this is a bad season when Tottenham missed an appointment in the Premier League 2005/2006 just because of the lasagna. At that time, the new Tottenham team was the 4th team in the rankings. However, the danger of Arsenal waiting to kick Tottenham still weighs on them.

On the day before the match, the first Tottenham players did not know for whatever reason became sick. Many people speculate that it might be the lasagna they ate before. Of course, playing with unstable health conditions prevented Tottenham from playing stable. The result of losing the spot to attend the Champion League closing before their eyes were predetermined.

2010-2011 season: The relegation group changed positions

Unlike the excitement between the winning teams, the relegated teams are always full of surprises. On the final day of the 2010/2011 season, Blackpool and Birmingham should have been the two teams that could stay in the Premier League, instead of losing goals pushed them off the table and replaced by Wolves and Wigan. 

This is a season full of surprises and drama/ Ph.kenh14.vn
This is a season full of surprises and drama/ Ph.kenh14.vn

It can be seen in football that there is always an element of surprise. What could be better than being able to watch thrilling and dramatic matches? From the top teams to the bottom teams, everyone keeps a great fighting spirit. This has created an indescribable attraction for Premier League football.

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