• Quote: ‘One rule for one area and different rules in other areas has lead to confusion within the music industry. It should be one rule for all’.

By Andrew Atkinson Exclusive

Professional performances on licensed premises, by singers, bands and disc jockeys are to be permitted, providing there is sufficient ventilation and a safety distance of at least 2 metres, between musicians and audience, in the case of singers and wind instruments.

The news comes after easing of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions that have seen many performers left on the bread line, while others have quit Spain altogether and returned to their relevant countries.

Speaking exclusively to The Leader, singer/entertainer Anita Van den Berg, whose stage name is Lady Jazz, said: “To be back is exciting news – we can now show you what we do best.”

However, Anita said the ‘one rule for one area and another in other areas’ has led to confusion within the music industry: “It should be ‘one rule for all’,” she said.

The activities of discotheques, dance halls and bars, with and without live music, cyber-cafés, theatre cafés, concert cafés and singer cafés shall be suspended, said the latest coronavirus announcement by the Generalitat.

They may, however, carry out restaurant and hotel activities that are compatible with their licence or authorisation.

“What I don’t understand is that there are so many different rules – especially if you work through the whole of the Costa Blanca. It’s hard to know them all.

“I think it’s also a way for the town hall to have more control. If they say that it’s not prohibited, that’s understandable, because they are trying to keep everybody safe,” reasoned Anita.

“But everything that’s been organized by the town hall is. It’s very hard for us professional entertainers to understand. It’s like we don’t exist.

“They even dare to say to us entertainers: ‘Yes, you need to keep paying your autónomo, because you can do live streams, where you can earn money’ “.

Some entertainment has been undertaken during the coronavirus lockdown, via internet live streams, such as Live Lounge, in an attempt to earn a few bob.

“But I think even when the alarm phase is officially over they will still will try to control the entertainer.

“As an entertainer you just want to entertain and bring joy to your audience. As an entertainer you are metres away from the guests,” said Anita.

Local town halls have the final say in determining which type of entertainment is allowed.

Professional performances promoted by the town hall, such as orchestras and bands are allowed, but NOT in the bars.

An outdoor free concert by the children of Los Montesinos musical group is being staged in la Herrada on May 9 at 6pm.