Living in the 21st century, the century of technology and universal computerization, it is no longer surprising that crime on the internet, the so-called cybercrime, has taken on quite real outlines and can cause significant harm to both individuals and entire organizations.

With regard to sports betting, this means stealing personal data, including bank card details or other data used by the payment system, which could allow attackers to get your bookmaker account. You should be sure that your cricket betting parimatch is secure.

When opening an account and in the course of further relationships with a client, any more or less large bookmaker undertakes the decision not to disclose personal and financial data of the player, except in cases provided for by law (for example, a request from law enforcement agencies).

For a bookmaker, this is a matter of image. Despite the serious protection, sometimes data leaks from the bookmaker do happen, because no one is immune from this. However, when compared with this channel, your own carelessness and irresponsibility can do much more harm to your money during virtual walks on the web.

How to protect your data and money from intruders 

In order to protect your personal data and money from theft, you should follow the simple guidelines. It is clear that no one will give you a 100% guarantee in this case, however, this will significantly reduce the likelihood of theft:

  • First of all it is worth choosing a reputable bookmaker for the game. This will largely guarantee the safety of your data.
  • When registering and opening an account, carefully read the rules of the bookmaker, and especially those, if it is about data security, which relate to the privacy policy of the office. Very often, small bookmakers can sin by placing some of your personal data for advertising and other purposes in various databases or «share» it with Gambling business partners.
  • Carefully read the user agreement and what you give the go-ahead in terms of confidentiality.
  • Overcome the «love for freebies» characteristic of the many people and install a licensed antivirus or a set of corresponding programs on your computer (for example, plug-ins blocking banners and other types of advertising for browsers). Do not be lazy and update this software in a timely manner. Some particularly suspicious players, whenever possible, allocate for bets and make them from a separate «clean» device: PC, laptop, tablet, etc.
  • Do not save logins and passwords from your account in separate text files on your computer and do not use the autofill function of the forms. When a system is infected with viruses, this data can be easily stolen by intruders.
  • Never give third parties your account password. Bookmaker representatives will never contact you with such a request either in a phone call or in an e-mail message. If the office provides the function of changing the password, then it will not be superfluous to change it periodically. And if you suspect data theft, you should immediately contact the support service in order to block the account for an appropriate check.
  • At the first request of the bookmaker or on your own initiative go through the identification procedure. Wherever possible, especially for financial transactions (deposit / withdrawal to a bookmaker account), set two-level identification so that in addition to your computer hardware, a mobile phone also participates in the procedure.

When choosing a bookmaker, it should be borne in mind that, according to the legislation, the company must use payment schemes that meet the requirements of special organisation. This ensures the confidentiality and protection of customer personal data.