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Yes! We have one, and probably like thousands of others it is hanging from the bathroom wall with a mirror to the front looking innocent.

Ah! How innocent? On opening the cabinet there are rows of shelves some with medicines on, which had been over prescribed and are still in their boxes, all with the original explanatory leaflet wrapped around them.

I felt that perhaps it was about time to read one to see what it has to say. As I did I could not help wondering how many other people actually do so, before taking the medicine lurking in the packet.

Paracetamol seemed to be a good place to start. The leaflet was neatly folded up and when opened it was a little larger than A4 size, on extremely thin paper, covering a total of about two thousand words on both sides of it, in tiny, difficult to read lettering.

I am inquisitive, why all this information for a tablet you have been told to pop in your mouth three times a day. The more I read of the leaflet which I was certain was simply covering the manufacturer from any liability, the thought of pill popping did not feel as secure as it did before.

Reading further on and tucked away at the bottom of the page, the side effects. I could remember sitting in front of the doctor and being reassured that what was being prescribed would cure the problem and the discomfort would go away. Ah! No mention of side effects. Has anyone ever been told when prescribed medicine that there could be side effects?

The Medicine Cupboard
The Medicine Cupboard

The list of side effects in this box of painkillers, which are taken every day by thousands of people, and probably more, is lengthy, and covers everything from high blood pressure, to blood clots, bleeding of the skin and thrombocytopenia.

That is right, a rare condition called ‘thrombocytopenia’ the very indicator, which is making headlines, because it is one of the side effects in the injection to combat Corvid 19, and maybe responsible for a few people dying of blood clots.

Isn’t it just possible they had taken pain killers as well? It does not end there because all medicines, even those you can buy across the counter, have a similar warning.

A question? Who is more at risk of developing a blood clot? A person who has had one injection or an individual endlessly taking a tablet, or another medicine, to cure or relieve some symptom?

The World is fighting a pandemic with one hand behind its back because of the fear created by a few influential people that vaccines are not safe.

Perhaps the news media should make it very clear that whatever medicines one takes there is a risk of a side effect, including blood clotting. chattey My books and the Story Telling® series available on Amazon