The Civil Guard carried out a search the IES Ruiz de Alda de San Javier building on Thursday morning after a threat was received warning of an “attack with explosives.”

The Headmaster of the college alerted the Guardia Civil, agreeing to suspend classes after receiving an email, in Spanish and Arabic, in which it was said that there was going to be an explosion in the institute because “one of the teachers had disrespected Islam.

Explosive Specialists from the Civil Guard carried out an intense search of the premises early on Thursday morning, although they did not find anything suspicious. The ‘all clear’ was announced shortly after nine am, and after verifying that there was no danger, they left the centre, and the students were able to return to classes.

Sources suggested that the manner of the warning was not the normal method by which terrorist groups advise of such attacks which is why the authorities initially considered it to be a hoax. However, the threatening messages have now been handed to the Civil Guard who will investigate their origin. They said that “a false bomb warning is a crime classified in the Penal Code.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education notified parents that it was a false alarm saying that everything had returned to normal by ten am.