Evening Primrose relieving headaches, inducing labor, curing baldness – and treatment for laziness!

Yellow evening primrose is a beautiful little wildflower that blooms at night, producing lovely yellow flowers during May through to July.

The yellow evening primrose is at it happiest grown in dry open areas, similar to the open meadows where they thrive in the wild.

Although a wildflower, the evening primrose is as likely to be scorned as a weed, as it is to be welcomed into the flower bed, as they are easily grown.

Spread seeds where you would like them to grow, and as long as it is not too wet, the yellow evening primrose will happily grow.

A biennial that will re-seed itself wherever you plant it, is not very invasive and will remain well behaved in your flower beds.

Considered to have a wide array of medicinal uses, from relieving headaches and inducing labor, to curing baldness – and as a treatment for laziness!

All parts of the evening primrose can be eaten; the leaves like salad leaves, and the roots like potatoes.