Digital Vaccine Certificates available by June


According to the Reuters News Agency, the foreign minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya said on Wednesday that Spain expects to introduce digital vaccine certificates to ease travel within the European Union by June at the very latest.

Arancha González Laya speaking to Onda Cero Radio
Arancha González Laya speaking to Onda Cero Radio

Talking to Radio Onda Cero the minister said “We are in Brussels with a proposal made by the Commission to the European Parliament, which has agreed to fast track the certificates to ease travel in Europe.”

The introduction of the new vaccine certificates would not prevent non-vaccinated people from travelling, Ms Gonzalez Laya said, but people with the certificate will be able to go through borders much faster while others would have to go through all the usual, and sometimes, time consuming controls.

However, according the British Medical Journal The Lancet, the effect of vaccination on the transmission of Covid 19 has not been reliably elucidated yet so, although, it has established working group, primarily to define what security standards certificates should meet, the World Health Organisation is still recommending against the introduction of vaccine certificates for international travel.

One thing that cant be argued though, is that after more than 900,000 deaths from coronavirus in Europe, the continent has been plunged into a deep recession, with the tourist and hospitality industries especially suffering severe damage.