• Madrilenians told not to travel to Costa Blanca at Easter

By Andrew Atkinson

A radio advertising campaign by the Consell is being broadcast in Madrid – to tell Madrilenians not to travel to the Costa Blanca regional areas at Easter.

A Turisme advertising campaign in Madrid sends a blunt message saying the Valencian Community borders are closed with multiple police patrols on duty, as reported by the Leader.

The radio waves broadcast says Madrid are invited to come back to the Costas soon where they await with open arms to give hugs.

Turisme has opened negotiations with the tourism sector the extension during 2022 of the successful ‘Travel CV Programme’ with promoted trips by the Generalitat to Alicante, Castellón and Valencia, endowed with €12m, through the bonoviajecv.gva.es

The radio broadcast says… ‘the Valencian Community love to share what is ours with the people who come from Madrid’.

But Easter 2021 we will not be able to see each other. Soon we will be together.

The message Madrilenians will hear is being broadcast until April 2, on the generalist radios of the Madrid Community in an express campaign with which the Generalitat warns Madrid, the first Spanish tourist market on the Costa Blanca, that the Community is closed for them and for all Spaniards, until April 12.

Valencian President Ximo Puig could extend that until May 9, based on a scale pending of more/less coronavirus recorded cases.

Thousands of Madrid based people have holiday homes on the Costas where they annually visit at Easter and summer time during vacations, along with booking hotel accommodation.

The Madrid market is the main source of national tourists from the destinations of the Community with 3.5 million tourists in 2019.

There is no municipality in the coastal strip of the province that does not have Madrilenians as preferred visitors in the national tourism as a whole and their absence, from Dénia to Pilar de la Horadada, has been noted since the COVID-19 confinement began in March 2020.

Many Madridians consider San Juan beach, in Alicante, as their favourite beach. Other popular beaches are along the coast include Guardamar and Torrevieja.

The Generalitat has also launched the Easter Madrid staycation on social networks including YouTube aimed at all Spaniards, with a video message not to come at Easter but do not miss it in summer under the motto “Living and safe Mediterranean”.



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