A GROWING number of people are suffering eye-related conditions as a result of continued lockdown restrictions – with new research revealing 42% of people have noticed sight deterioration since March 2020[1].

This represents a significant increase in the number of people noticing a deterioration in their vision during the first lockdown (34%) as reported by Specsavers Ópticas last year[2].

Yet, the new study by the high street opticians shows that half (50%)[3] of those suffering any deterioration are yet to address the issue and see an optician. It also showed that people are feeling ever more concerned about leaving their home. These results have been released for World Health Day on the 7th of April, because an eye test is an important health check, and missing these tests can not only put eyesight at risk, but potentially other aspects of their health too.

Jorge Martínez de Lizarduy Araico, from Specsavers Ópticas, says it is incredibly important for people to seek professional support if they have any concerns with their sight. He is also reassuring people that they have introduced a series of measures in store to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all customers.

‘It’s important that anyone noticing a change in their vision gets it seen to right away. While usually this is down to a change in prescription or from our eyes feeling tired, in other cases it can be something more serious. There are several changes we may notice in our vision which could be a sign of a wider health condition. For example, red spots on the front of your eyes, persistent floaters, changes with your eyes such as blurred vision, or yellowing of the eyes can denote health issues from high blood pressure and cholesterol, to liver issues or diabetic retinopathy.

‘We estimate that approximately 7,500 Specsavers Ópticas customers failed to attend their scheduled sight test last year due to lockdown restrictions, and are concerned that some people may have a symptom-free condition that has gone undetected. Our stores remain open for appointments, with a series of hygiene and personal protection measures in place to ensure a safe and reassuring experience.

‘We would urge those who have not seen an optician in more than two years to book an appointment as a matter of urgency.’

Find your nearest store at www.specsavers.es

[1] Specsavers Ópticas Customer Panel February 2021

[2] Specsavers Ópticas Customer Panel September 2020

[3] Specsavers Ópticas Customer Panel February 2021



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