The project, which is currently being developed by Hidraqua, will create 68 plots and a recreation area, with a pergola and picnic tables.

The site is located in the urbanisation area of San Fulgencio, “in an area between las calles Galicia, Rosales, Dublin and Belgrado, which has 3,200 square metres and about 68 arable plots of variable size, between 6 and 26 square meters ”.

The development will have a total cost of 79,088 euros with the works expected to finish before summer.

Councilor Francisco Molero said that the necessary regulations are currently being drawn up so that those residents who are interested can request one of these plots for cultivation. “We will tell everybody just as soon as this municipal ordinance has completed all its processing, and the application period is going to open,” he added.

Elena García, Hidraqua technician, has said that in these urban gardens “a responsible and efficient use of water will be carried out at all times, for which an irrigation system will be installed that takes maximum advantage of all natural resources and will be adapted for the cultivation of the plots”.

This system allows to work the land with the minimum surface of land without chemical products, with the minimum consumption of water and without pesticides.

The project will give residents “the opportunity to participate in an experience of organic farming, avoiding the use of chemicals and with a composting area to create compost,” said the Councilor.

Molero added that “it will also be a meeting and leisure space in the open air for all people in San Fulgencio, which will have a pergola, fountains, picnic tables and parking for bicycles, so that everyone who wishes to do so can enjoy this environment”.