It’s been over a year since the pandemic rapidly spiked. We have encountered several lockdowns, which made us think COVID-19 would last forever. However, with the recent introduction of vaccines, people hope to get back on track soon.

The vaccination campaign has recently started, so people will spend their vacations the way they want when the restrictions are lifted. In cooperation with professional writers, here is the list of the three most promising and safest European destinations for safe travel in summer 2021.

The Azores – Portugal

People have spent alarmingly much time in concrete jungles since the pandemic began. Summer is the best signal for spending it in the open. The Azores is the green zone in Portugal that connects nine islands. Although the territory is tremendous, all the visitors are tested before settling there (not applicable if you are vaccinated).

The destination is perfect if you have always been up to learn Portuguese culture from the inside out. Tradition and modernity, exquisite and delectable dishes, and picturesque views are all you need to recharge your battery and experience fantastic emotions.

Tbilisi – Georgia

Georgians are known for their hospitality and generosity. The country offers various places to visit, starting from captivating buildings of different eras and ending with awe-inspiring nature and mountains. Tbilisi is a marvelous combination of Haussmannian, Middle Age, Neoclassicism, and Soviet times.

It preserves its cultural heritage and strives to popularize and make it accessible for the mass. You will be astonished by people’s warmness right after landing in Tbilisi. No guides are needed, as anyone will be honored to show you the most epic and exclusive places in the city. There are no travel restrictions for vaccinated travelers. For more info, check this web page.

Corfu – Greece

Everyone is aware of Greece and its resorts. And this is for a reason. Greece comprises a dozen islands, which handled the pandemic differently. Some suffered; others became more potent. Corfu is an excellent example of the island known for its nature, relaxation, paradisiacal beaches, cuisine, culture, and its outcomes of dealing with COVID-19.

The place is oversaturated with historical events. Curiously, its architecture was influenced by Venetian, French, and British presence. Corfu also tends to be the greenest island in Greece, with the largest number of olive trees. When it comes to restrictions, visitors must do PCR 72 hours before their arrival.