The Valparaíso Foundation, which has a residential study centre in Mojácar, recently awarded their “II Ch¨ scholarship, aimed at postgraduate students and researchers from all over the world.  The award is open to academic applicants from all branches of the arts, including music, literature, painting, sculpture, and audio-visuals.

Cristina Martínez Carrillo, following a proposal from Granada University’s Department of Medieval Archaeology, was the successful student selected this year, which that will allow her to continue her studies for six months at Guadix’s Alcalzaba.

Cristina, from Almeria, is currently undertaking her masters in “History of Europe to America, Societies, Powers and Cultures.” In both 2018 and 2019 she took part in the “Mojácar la Vieja” archaeological excavation, where she came directly into contact for the first time with Hispanic-Muslim culture and ceramics.

The ‘Ch’ Study Grant is an open one, without a predefined amount or for a specific area of study, which is available thanks to the support and philanthropic work of a generous sponsor and collaborator of the Valparaíso Foundation.  It enables beneficiaries of the ‘Ch’ Grant, selected for their academic qualities and vocational determination, to further their studies through this financial assistance.  The process of selection is carried out by a committee chaired by Beatrice Beckett, the President of the Foundation and the financial aid varies according to the needs of the applicant and the chosen studies.

The first ‘Ch’ Valparíso Scholarship was awarded to a film student, also from Almeria, which funded three years of study at Madrid’s School of Cinematography and Audio-visuals, as well as other grants for studies at Madrid’s Music School and the European Youth Orchestra.

The Valparaíso Foundation has been carrying out important work within the art world for many years, not only with these valuable grants to outstanding students, but also with scholarships for artists to spend time at the Valparaíso’s Mojácar Residence.  The Foundation additionally supports and collaborates with Almería’s ClasiJazz, promoting Jazz bands that bring together the leading musicians in this popular musical field.