Recently, the Brethren of Arenal Deportiva Lodge made a much-needed donation of €250 from the Lodge charity fund to the local organisation, HELP, of Denia and Moraira to help sustain many needy families who are suffering difficulties, many caused by the Covid pandemic and particularly for those unable to work at present.

The donation was used to help thirty-five local families buy food and essential items and who, in total, numbered one hundred and four people including fourteen babies.

The money was used to buy necessary shopping such as nappies and food which included, bags of chicken pieces, pork, minced beef, frankfurters, frozen fish, milk, powdered milk for babies, salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, biscuits and much more.

The Lodge was thanked most warmly by Ms Candida Wright, the president of the Denia and Moraira HELP organisation.