To be a little more accurate the driver who has been testing the Academy FARMU Championship car in Cartagena for the last couple of weeks is 13-year-old Emerson Fittipaldi Junior. However, he has been doing so under the watchful eye of his father, winner of 14 grand prix and two times F1 World Champion.

The initiative, launched with the support of the company Bories Formula Experience, and supported by the Murcia Region Automobile Federation (FARMU), is promoting grassroots sport, by creating the Academy FARMU Championship, a competition that is the first step for the youngsters who are experienced karters, but who want to take the leap into top single seater racing cars or sports cars.

Emerson Fittipaldi himself, who is currently 74 years of age, is accompanying his son who, at 13 years of age, has been successfully contesting the karting World Championship.

The offspring of Emmo, as the Sao Paulo legend is known, is part of the Sauber Academy and just aa few months ago he debuted in single seaters, driving in Formula 4.

In a statement from FARMU, the association said that it has nothing but gratitude for Emerson Fittipaldi for using the Murcia competition as a possible first step in single seaters for his youngest son, Emmo Junior.