It has often been said that poker is both a game of skill and a game of chance, and those players that have the time, effort, and inclination to learn the fine art of playing poker will stand a much greater chance of winning, or at the very least reducing the number of losing sessions they have.

That is of course true, for unlike most other forms of gambling, those who do master the mathematics of poker and can learn to read other players little “tells”, have proven time and time again they can win, and often win big.

However, as there is an element of chance about the game and with luck playing some part in it at well there are sadly going to be some people who can acquire and often quickly to a gambling problem when they set about playing poker online.

Organisations that are in charge of licensing and regulating online and mobile poker sites and apps, such as the UK Gambling Commission have ordered their license holders to put into place a range of responsible gambling tools on their poker platforms, in an attempt to help poker players to help themselves stay in control when playing in those two playing environments.

Those tools do of course include deposit limit settings, loss limits and even one that allows players to have their accounts temporarily locked so that they can take a break if they feel they are spending way too much time playing poker, and possibly losing a lot of money too.

However, there are a lot of poker sites not on GamStop available online on portals like and it would take a lot of time and effort for you to set about looking them all up and asking to be self-excluded from them all.

How to Give Up Gambling Altogether

Some people do have an ongoing battle with gambling addition related problems, and you could be one of the many people that are sat there right now with one such problem and you may be eager to finally get it addressed and want to move onto a life without gambling.

Do not believe that is going to be impossible to do, for with a true commitment from yourself and of course plenty of help and support, anybody that does want to give up gambling can do just that.

As for just what you should be doing first if you do want to make the first few steps to give up gambling, well visiting websites such as both GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous will certainly help you with where to look for additional free and confidential support so do make sure you check both of those websites out sooner rather than later.

I would also suggest you add your name onto the GamStop self-exclusion website for by doing so you are then going to have your gambling site accounts closed rather quickly at all UK licensed gambling sites this you will never be permitted to gamble at those sites again nor at any time in the future will you be permitted to open a new account with any of those gambling sites either, so make sure that you get on their register today.

Blocking All Gambling Websites

It is all well and good you trying to self-exclude yourself from the gambling sites that you already hold an account with, in fact when you do sign up to GamStop you will then have the peace of mind in knowing all such accounts will be closed down if they are UK licensed ones.

In fact, when you start looking for such sites you could of course be tempted to sign up to one of them, and that is something you should always avoid doing.

With that in mind what you could do, and this is something I urge you to do is to make use of one of the many different gambling website blocker tools that you can download and then install on any and all devices that you connect to the internet using.

For those blockers will do exactly as their names suggest and will instantly block your web browsers form ever being able to access any and all websites that are in any shape way or form associated with gambling, and by not being able to access those sites you will never be tempted to sign up to any of them and start gambling at them at any point in time in the future.