Ana Mª Villena, San Fulgencio’s Councillor for the Environment, a role that includes the welfare of animals, announced details of the half year report published by Anguimar S.L., the company that operates the municipal concession.

She said that her Department has collected 18 abandoned animals during the period, six of them (four dogs and two cats) have been adopted, while seven, all dogs, have been reclaimed by their owners.

“Right now, there are only two cats in the municipal compound that are available to adopt,” she said.

The municipality has a ‘zero sacrifice’ policy, and in addition to collecting data from the animals that come into our shelter, we provide them with veterinary care, vaccines for rabies, as well as microchipping and provision of identification passports.

The Council promotes responsible pet ownership, which is reinforced with mandatory registration for dogs and recommended registration for cats and exotic animals in the municipality.

At the moment, the registry has 1,775 catalogued animals, increasing from the 1,560 that were registered last year. In the urbanisation, the procedure is carried out in the Social Centre, by appointment.