• “Even the Police would have problems”.

The hospitality industry raised its blinds again in Murcia, Cartagena, Lorca and 16 other municipalities in the Murcia region on Wednesday, the third reopening since the pandemic began, but one that is not free of restrictions. Terraces may only be filled to a capacity of 75% and no more than two non-cohabiting users or a cohabiting family nucleus may be accommodated on each table.

However, the president of the Regional Federation of Hospitality and Tourism, Hostemur, Jesús Jiménez, says that the task of verifying the relationship between diners is a challenge not only for the waiter, but “even the Police would have problems” .

He explained that “the hoteliers do not have the tools to carry out these controls, nor can police presence be required on each terrace. Are we expected to ask every customer what his or her relationship is to their companion? Can you imagine what sort of response we will get”?

He continued, “the only way that this reopening can be a success is if people act responsibly. The fight against the pandemic is up to all of us, but the burden on ensuring that those who sit together are entitled to do so cannot be left with the waiter.”