Repair works are now complete to the La Glea promenade in Campoamor, which was damaged by DANA almost 18 months ago, and subsequently devastated by storm Gloria.

At a cost of 72,003 euros, the road now detours around the riverbed of the Nacimiento river, which flows into Campoamor beach, following the refusal of the Costas, which also denied permission to the council to carry out repairs of its own.

This situation meant that Campoamor was split in two since in September 2019 with drivers unable to pass from one side of the Avenida de las Adelfas de Orihuela Costa to the other.

Given the refusal of Costas, which the City Council is considering taking to court, a detour in the northern part of Avenida de las Adelfas has been enabled, so that cars can now drive acros to the southern sector crossing a road next to the old viaduct that crosses the promenade.

This is a provisional solution that the residents hope is not absolute as the area is often flooded in heavy rain. The council itself recognises, in the allegations it presented to Costas, that it does not meet the necessary road safety conditions as drivers are using a very narrow, one-way section.