The number of virtual slots is growing daily, and almost every game has its own peculiarity. Before choosing one, many users pay attention to the plot and the quality of the interface. However, an equally important indicator for any progressive slot machine is the winning chances, so it’s worth studying the RTP rate.

On average, it is 96%. This parameter allows you to hope that the bets will be profitable. For this, it is very important to properly plan your budget. The experience of other players clearly shows that if the available funds are rationally distributed, it is quite possible to stay in the black.

If the free online slots don’t have a high RTP rate, developers try to focus on other advantages. For example, the chances of hitting the jackpot or bonus features. The latter suggest that the user will have an opportunity to frequently receive free spins or other rewards.

But the jackpot is a prize that you don’t get so often. It is usually won at random, so users have various stories. Some of them regularly participate in draws and they are never lucky, while others hit the jackpot the first time they try. More active users who often place bets are usually more successful.

The jackpot is a one-time reward in slots games. However, it can be huge. Quite often, its size is several thousand times larger than the initial bet. Therefore, you only need to hit the jackpot once to recoup your games.

The special feature of the progressive jackpot is that it’s constantly growing, provided that no one has won the main prize during the previous raffle. Increase speed may vary. If in some slots it increases several times, in others the jackpot grows very slowly.

After the success of one of the users in a casino with a progressive jackpot, the new one starts to form. Moreover, its amount may be very big.

Most popular slots with progressive jackpots

The number of slot machines with progressive jackpots is regularly increasing. These are developments dedicated to different topics. Talking about the most popular of them, among them are:

  1. Mega Moolah. The biggest jackpot ever was won on this slot. The game is extremely simple and understandable. Here users have 5 reels and 25 pay lines. There can be 4 progressive jackpots at once. Their sizes are thousands of times the original bet. Therefore, dive into the world of wild African forests to be able to significantly increase your assets.
  2. Mega Fortune. This slot can be safely called a successful universal choice. It is dedicated to the theme of luxury. On the reels you will see symbols of cars and expensive wine. If the same icons form a pay line, you receive your winnings. Among casino slots with progressive jackpots, this one stands out with almost the simplest rules. Therefore, it can be recommended even for beginners in the world of virtual entertainment.
  3. Arabian Nights. Another slot on which users won millions of dollars. Immerse yourself in the world of the mysterious Middle East, and you will enjoy a high-quality interface, as well as generous rewards. Here winners may count on a generous promotion. The jackpot is sometimes thousands of times larger than the original bet.

It is these slots that can be called the most popular and proven ones. Playing on them, users will enjoy the high-quality interface, while the jackpot wheel will allow them to increase the size of their initial bet by several hundred times with just one spin. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to show your skills and make a profit.

For more information about the release of new slots with the progressive jackpot option, visit the website of well-known developers. They always announce new slots actively.

How to choose the best slots with progressive jackpots

  1. Various additional functions. For example, a chance to get free spins. Since the jackpot doesn’t come up that often, you should understand that there will be opportunities for other types of winnings. If a slot offers to play for free, it will most likely become a good choice for users.
  2. It’s better to opt for themed games by reliable brands. These include NetEnt, Microgaming, and PlayTech. These companies release only high-quality new items that will please you with dynamic plots and the opportunity to get a good winning. If your spins win, it is the slot developer who pays you.
  3. It is important that free slots are not only profitable but also fun for you. Therefore, be sure to choose a game which theme you like. This increases the chances that you will monitor the slot more closely. Therefore, the gameplay will bring you more positive emotions.

Also, don’t forget about such criteria as the quality of the interface and the ability to play via mobile devices. They are important and must be considered when you look for interesting slots.

In such games, within a second users may receive a reward that will make them a millionaire. Therefore, don’t miss the chance to try your luck and get a good winning.