• Quote: ‘Dozens of people are seeking food at Teulada markets. There are more and more of us and it’s increasingly difficult to find food. If no more people come, I think it is for fear of catching coronavirus’ – woman who has 8 children

By Andrew Atkinson

Desperate hungry people have taken to flocking to collect waste food – from the floor – in the Alicante province of Teulada at the closure of twice weekly markets, on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Scenes, amid the worsening coronavirus situation at present, have shocked many with hungry people rummaging for food, some using shopping trolleys.

“I have come to accompany my husband. There are three of us at home – only my son works, who barely earns 800 euros.

“I would like to work. In my country of Venezuela I worked in houses, cleaning and taking care of children,” said Rita X, who managed to find bananas. Ecuadorian Latina X, who was searching for food with her husband, said: “You end up meeting the same people every week.”

Dozens of people are seeking food at the Teulada markets and one woman – who has eight children – said: “There are more and more of us here – it is increasingly difficult to find food in good condition.

“If no more people come, I think it is for fear of catching coronavirus.

“Some of my children work, but I have a small pension and sometimes I have to help them – it doesn’t provide for everything.”

Along with pensioners, middle-aged and young people are present, searching for food, including Spanish, Cuban, Eastern Europeans, Russians and Arab origin.

“I was taking care of the elderly, but I can’t find anything anymore,” said the Cuban.

“I don’t want to steal. I have a great need, because I am unemployed, and my son is hooked on drugs. I’m desperate,” he said, shedding tears.



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