The Councillor for Tourism, Mariola Rocamora, has announced a free collaboration agreement with Renfe Viajeros that aims to jointly promote Renfe Viajeros’ rail transport services and the city of Orihuela as tourist and business destination.

This campaign, which has been put together by the Department of Tourism, will feature on AVE and Long Distance trains.

“Our municipality has a lot to offer and we now have a new way to promote it, something fundamental, especially now that the AVE has arrived in Orihuela”, said Rocamora.

Renfe will publicise Orihuela with different products on its trains, such as themed headrests and promotional videos of the city, as well as holiday packages that include the train, accommodation, leisure and culture services.

In exchange, the Orihuela Council will publicise Renfe’s services as a means of transport for the promotion of tourism or business in the city of Orihuela. In addition, it will distribute Renfe publications, brochures and any other published advertising medium in the Tourist Information Offices.