It isn’t rare for brick and mortar casinos in Portugal to handle tens of millions of euro at their premises at any given day. It’s therefore not a surprise that such casinos invest heavily to develop an excellent security team.

Guest author Martim Nabeiro (learn more about author) takes us into the online casino world and shows us what security measures iGaming operators take to protect their players.

Do Online Casinos Ensure Gamers’ Security?

Despite the initial scepticism about online casinos in Portugal and their vulnerabilities to hacking, iGaming operators made significant investments in the last decade to make their operations more secure in the eyes of the general public. Online gaming security is a serious business for them, as significant amounts of money are at stake.

Today, the words casino and security often go hand in hand for most punters. Online casinos in the UK, Portugal and other licensed jurisdictions offer top security to players. In this article, we take a glimpse at just three of the biggest ways that online casinos have gained the trust of millions of loyal players across the globe. is one of the top online casinos that deploys top security measures to protect its players.

Licenses from Land-Based Gambling Regulators

During the early beginnings of the online casino industry, many operators sprouted to take advantage of a nascent market. Because there was no precedent set, most of these casinos did not have gambling licenses, unlike brick and mortar casinos.

While a majority of the online casinos in Portugal back then were legitimate, there was no real way to weed out illegitimate or fly by night online casinos from operating. Informed consumers may use internet review sites or speak with fellow punters about which Portuguese online casinos are trustworthy, but there was no easy way for the general public to sort out the scams from the legitimate sites.

Furthermore, even though Portuguese online casinos could build a reputation for honesty to attract customers, there was no way to prevent those operations from scamming their players. A scammed player could complain, but there was no real recourse for those issues.

As online casinos in Portugal evolved, they found that gambling licenses awarded by regulatory bodies helped eliminated this risk. Additionally, gambling regulatory bodies can serve as recourse for players with complaints. So if you want to play at a safe and secure online casino, it is best that you register at a casino that is licensed by a reputed gaming authority such as the UKGC or the MGA.

Random Number Generators

The randomness of the results in a brick and mortar casino in Portugal can be directly perceived by any moderate punter. The roll of a roulette wheel is the same all over the world, and if a casino’s roulette wheel is fixed, it won’t take long for players to sniff it out. Dealers shuffle cards in front of you, and you can ask them to re-shuffle anytime, or even switch to new decks.

In the online casino world, it’s much harder to establish that your string of bad luck was truly just the caprice of Lady Luck, instead of a targeted hit at your bankroll.

Thankfully, with the rise of random number generators (RNG), this is now much easier.

Simply put, RNG is a way for computers to output random results for every spin, shuffle, or deal. RNG results cannot be influenced by any person, not even its programmer. Because RNGs must be certifiably random before they can be used in online casinos, you can be sure that the results you have, however painful, are legitimate.

Independent auditors certify RNGs before they are used online. These companies provide a way for casinos to prove their commitment to fairness to customers. Many of these companies have become industry stalwarts, helping customers identify which casinos to play in – some major examples are eCOGRA, Verisign, and TST.

A secure internet casino today handles all player information in encrypted form.
A secure internet casino today handles all player information in encrypted form.

Encryption of Personal Data

Online casinos in Portugal handle huge amounts of sensitive player information. Players must be able to trust their casinos to safeguard that information from thieves, who can use their data to commit financial crimes online or even blackmail them.

A secure internet casino today handles all player information in encrypted form. This encryption scrambles the data into lines of code that would be impossible for any human to crack within their lifetime. The key to decipher that code is dispensed on a need to know basis and is changed every time the data is accessed.

You can be sure that all legitimate online casinos today have at least Transport Layer Security (TLS) and HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) protections for their player data.

These protections are the same as you would expect in a bank, so customers can feel secure that their data is in good hands.


Before you sign up at any online casino, always make sure they are licensed; RNG certified and use the latest SSL encryptions services.