Well they seem to find them when they are needed, certainly around the city of Orihuela, where on each day, 65 police officers were employed at the weekend managing 53 vehicle control points to guarantee the city closure.

On Friday, January 29, 15 control points were established, where 21 denuncia’s were issued to drivers who chose to disregard the new government legislation.

On Saturday there were 20 control points were established, with 13 summonses issued while on  Sunday a further 18 checkpoints were manned with just one reported infraction.

The most common reason given for not complying with the perimeter closure was a shopping trip.

Following the exercise the councillor for security appealed to the regional authorities to consider a more flexible procedure for the Local Police staff, as more is being asked of them every day in support of COVID-19, whilst they are still also required to carry out their usual duties.



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