It’s hardly surprising that 27 year old Alejandro Colomar is regularly stopped by police in his home town of Aldaia, to the west of Valencia, as he spends a good part of his time walking around naked.

Neither is it a surprise that he currently has 3 court appearances pending, one of them from the Local Police of Valencia, who told him to get dressed when he turned up naked at a police station to file a complaint against a third party.

As he refused to dress, he was charged for “serious disobedience to authority.”

The other two complaints were made in the municipality of Xirivella, one of them following a “very unpleasant episode where a group of young people persecuted and insulted me,” he explained.

“I have always liked to go naked,” said Alejandro. “I am a nudist and there is nothing wrong with it. It is not even illegal as exhibitionism is only illegal if you do it in front of children and with a clear intention, and that is not the situation in my case.”

“When the weather is good I go out onto the streets naked. I don’t hurt anyone.”

A computer scientist by profession, he has already accumulated four complaints for walking naked on the street. However, the first one has been thrown out by the judge, who sees no crime in his behaviour. So the young man carries the court dismissal around with him (in a fanny pack due to the lack of pockets) so that he can avoid further sanctions.

“My family know that I go out naked and they are fine with it, my friends do too. I just want the pleasure of going naked when it’s sunny, without hurting anyone. I’m often naked at home, I always go to naturist beaches and I find it to be the most comfortable thing in the world.”