By Andrew Atkinson

Spanish resident Chris Dellar has been quoted up to a fourfold increase on a car in the UK – after changing his driving licence to Spanish in the wake of Brexit.

“I am resident here and recently exchanged my UK driving licence for a Spanish one,” Chris told The Leader.

“Apart from my car here, I also have an old Mercedes in the UK a RHD, on English plates, which has been in storage on a SORN since last year, because of the lack of use due to Covid,” said Chris.

“The MOT, tax and insurance expired. Intending to use it again, I have got a new MOT for it and taxed it.

“However, when I came to insure it there are new questions about one’s driving licence. I do not have a UK DL anymore, so cannot give the DL number demanded, therefore I can only tick the EU Licence option.

“It resulted in insurance quotes – three to four times the price I paid in 2020,” said Chris.

Another ex-pat resident in Spain said: “I have a UK reg car in the UK for when I go over. I have a Spanish licence and not many Insurance companies will insure a non-UK resident. You do pay a premium.”

*If anyone has had a similar experience regards to car insurance contact The Leader with details.

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