A total of 224 teachers and 2,864 students remain isolated due to having had contact with one of the 1,980 positive cases of Covid-19 in the region, 272 teachers and 1,708 students.

At the present time quarantines have been put in place in in 482 educational centres in the Region of Murcia since the beginning of the Autumn term, Monday, September 14.

This represents 31 new cases, 22 students and nine teachers, in the last 24 hours, according to Community sources.

The Ministry of Education says that there are 280,000 students and 27,000 teachers in the Region, so the 224 isolated teachers represent 0.8% of the total, and the 2,864 students, 1%.

In addition, 13,378 students and 1,347 teachers have already returned to classrooms after completing a quarantine period.



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