Percy’s Ramblings

So the UK, well not quite all of it as Northern Island has its foot in the door of Brussels, or maybe it’s the other way round, the remainder of the British Isles has left the EU. Ah!  But it seems north of the border the Scots First Minister and maybe just some more of the Scottish People would prefer to re-join the Continental block even though all the arguments have been laid to rest.

Ah, but not quite as it seems there are difficulties in transferring goods across the Irish sea  (I hope the reader is still following) when that is out of the way it would be time for the two blocks  to move on in unison. But no, difficulties have arisen so petty it takes your breath away, like the Dutch border officials confiscating lorry driver’s sandwiches.

It also seems according to reports, that’s if they are not fake – that illegals are still arriving in the UK as one hundred immigrants managed to cross the English Channel on Monday 11th December despite the weather and they would have been given some form of welcome and made comfortable.

That bring me nicely to the event which happened a few years ago and I am sure, well almost certain, it will not be repeated, but as they say, never say never.

The United Kingdom sent one of Her Majesty’s warships to the Mediterranean, alright it may have been there, but that takes the gloss off the story. However, either way it would have been costly, a figure with loads of zeros after it.

This ship saves boatloads of immigrants from little dinghies trying to escape from some horror in Africa and transports them to the Southern coast of Europe,

These people are not content in staying where they have arrived, perhaps they weren‘t welcome, and they make their way through Italy, France or wherever, and arrive at Calais.

Although the British rescued them in the first instance, now they don’t want anything to do with them, and try to stop them from crossing the English Channel, again another costly exercise.

Ah! Now the best bit. Those people take it on themselves to make the dangerous crossing from France to England risking life and limb to do so. They are now rewarded as if it had been some gigantic obstacle race – housing, money, medical attention, benefit and more benefit which is recorded at the time to be worth twenty six grand a year.

Instead of going through this farce why didn’t the Royal Navy deliver them to Southampton in the first place?

This money lavished on these illegal people, and that is what they are – is sickening as it discriminates, giving complete strangers a comfort they have never known and depriving our own people, single Mums, out of work families and pensioners into squalor because the latter have grown old and their pension does not cope. Take care!

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Percy Chattey