• If you want to know which football celebrities have the highest IQ in the world today, our article is for you.
  • When you learn about football players and coaches, have you ever wondered about their IQ? Who has the highest IQ in the world today? To discover that, please read our article below now.

What is IQ? 

IQ is a quantitative trait, the formation and development of this trait is the result of the cumulative effects of multiple genes acting in the same direction. Therefore, the IQ value in the human population is a continuous sequence according to the Gaussian distribution.

Intelligence quotient is also known as IQ. IQ is calculated by the formula: IQ = (AM/ AR) x 100. Where AM is wise age, AR is real age.

Wisdom age is determined through questionnaires, drawings, to test the ability to remember, speculate and calculate.

According to Binet, IQ classification in the human population is as follows:

140 and up Genius.

120-140: Very smart.

110-120: Smart.

90-110: Average.

80-90: A little bit of intelligence.

70-80: Poor intelligence.

50-70: Ignorance.

25-50: Idiot

0-25: Stupid.

Below are the world’s top high IQ coaches and soccer players.

Midfielder Gerard Pique IQ 170

Topping the list of football players with the highest IQ is midfielder Gerard Pique. Gerard Pique not only possesses a handsome appearance, an exceptionally tall body, but he also stands out with an admirable IQ.

Gerard Pique is in the 0.11% of the world’s population with an IQ of 170. His IQ even surpasses the physical genius Albert Einstein (IQ 160).

The first player with an IQ that surpasses Einstein/ Ph

The first player with an IQ that surpasses Einstein/ Ph. nha cai Fun88.vin

This summer, he is studying at Harvard, one of the most famous universities in the world. 

Arsene Wenger (IQ 157)

Arsene Wenger is the former coach of the Arsenal football club. He is known to lead the team to bring many great achievements to Arsenal football club.

In addition, he is also known for his superior intelligence. Possessing an IQ of up to 157, Arsene Wenger is nicknamed the “professor” of the football village.

Striker Mario Balotelli (IQ 157)

Striker Mario Balotelli is a young and talented player. He was born in 1990 in Palermo, Italy.

Mario Balotelli is known as one of the most talented and expensive players in the world today.

Not only outstanding talent on the pitch, but striker Mario Balotelli is also one of the three football players with the highest IQ today with an index of up to 157.

However, soccer player Mario Balotelli is still considered a wild horse that is difficult to tame because of his impulsive, naughty and undisciplined nature both on and off the pitch.

Frank James Lampard (IQ 150)

Talking about supernatural intelligence cannot help but mention former English football player Frank James Lampard.

Chelsea’s extremely talented and intelligent player-Lampard/ Ph.imdb.com

With an IQ of over 150, Frank James Lampard is leading the Chelsea team very successfully. Before coaching the Chelsea club, Frank James Lampard has also been very successful in his career with numerous goals and awards when he joined New York City and Man City. 

Juan Mata (IQ 142)

Juan Mata is an extremely intelligent and excellent player. He studied journalism at the Polytechnic of Madrid.

While joining the Chelsea army, Juan Mata also simultaneously completed distance courses and earned a degree in marketing and sports science in physical education.

Currently, he is one of the few players who hold two full-time university degrees. He was loved by his colleagues and everyone for his kindness and honesty.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is considered a genius with a towering IQ. As soon as he was in school, he was evaluated as a boy with outstanding intelligence. He can speak fluently in 6 languages: Russian, Italian, English, French, German, and Portuguese.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is confident to communicate and compete in international competitions. Besides, he also has a bachelor’s degree in physical training and sports. In particular, he also majored in economics at Saint Petersburg University and he also plans to become a lawyer in the future after retiring.

Giorgio Chiellini

Italian midfielder Giorgio Chiellini had a bachelor’s degree in economics seven years ago. And in April, he graduated with a master’s degree in business administration with a perfect score of 110 points. From now on, football fans may call him “Master” Chiellini.

Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku is a striker with strength thanks to a large body and a strong physical background. Although he pursued a football career, he decided not to leave Belgium without completing his study plan.

With a high IQ, Lukaku is very intelligent and loves to study/Ph.inter.it

With a high IQ, Lukaku is very intelligent and loves to study/Ph.inter.it

With the support of her family, Lukaku graduated from a course in tourism and community relations. On the other hand, the 21-year-old can speak 5 different languages ​​such as English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Congo.

Matthew Lawrence

Matthew Lawrence is not known by many football fans around the world because he only plays for small football clubs and in the lower league of English football. Currently at the age of 40, he still plays for Burgess Hill Town.

In addition to football, Lawrence graduated from an American writing school and is currently writing for top UK news sites like “The London Paper”, “The Mirror”. He is also a commentator for “BBC London”, “Talksport” and “5Live”.

Ronaldo de Lima (Brazil)

When it comes to him, the fans always remember speedy ball moves, technical foot swings and overcoming the opponent’s goalkeeper as easily as the hand.

He has won many big and small titles from club level to national team, but after retiring, Ronaldo said that he feels regret not having had more experience with a comprehensive education.

That is why the Brazilian came to England in 2013 to study advertising from Sir Martin Sorrell.

Ronaldo said in an interview: “I need to equip myself with something. Learning from Martin will be perfect. I will not leave him alone, I will ask him all day long. Like a striker. He will have to tell me everything”.  

The above are famous people in the football village with high intelligence stats. They are the ones who not only have great talent in the sport of kings but they are also very intelligent in learning. 

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