The Junta de Andalucía’s Development Delegate for Almeria, Eloísa Cabrera, recently attended a meeting in Mojácar to discuss matters relating to the town’s General Urban Plan (P.G.O.U) with local Mayor, Rosmari Cano Montoya.

Held at the Council’s Plenary Hall, the session focused on the urgent measures needed to strategically progress the environmental assessment of certain urban planning issues. This had become urgently required, given the expiry of the previous PGOU, which had brought about a standstill leaving no room to manoeuvre.

Also attending were provincial technical representatives and the team responsible for drafting the General Plan, along with local Councillors, who together were putting forward the necessary steps to activate the Plan with its final approval as soon as possible.  With this Decree-Law approved by the Junta de Andalucía, Mojácar Council will then be able to proceed with their General Urban Plan.

The Mayor described the visit as an especially important advancement towards achieving the long-awaited new General Plan, for which the Council has already initiated associated work which will soon be processed through any required emergency regulations.

The Development Delegate additionally expressed her commitment to get the document approved as quickly as possible, as well as continue with a pro-active, continuous collaboration between all the various administrations involved.