Nobody likes being stuck inside. All of Spain had to adjust during the first lockdown, but now large swathes of Spain are at risk once more if they leave their homes. Over the past few days Valencia has been struck with amber warnings due to heavy snowfall.

More than fifteen centimetres have fallen in some areas and followed by heavy rain, this is a recipe for disaster. Already vehicles have been stranded on the roads at higher altitudes.

Thick ice is expected and whilst government vehicles are working to distribute salt to the worst affected areas, it would be sensible for most of us to avoid driving anywhere unless absolutely necessary. If you’ve grown tired of some of your favourite games from the first lockdown, then here are some new ideas that might help to solve your boredom in this snowy weather.

Get Stuck Into Something Really Immersive

Simple games are great from time to time, but sometimes we all need something a little more indepth. Steam are offering plenty of exciting free to play games at the moment that will help you to properly escape. If huge worlds, time for proper exploration, storyline development and the occasional mythical creature are up your street, then you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Lord of the Rings, Starwars and Runescape all come highly rated and will be familiar options for most PC gamers. A slightly newer offering is Destiny 2 which features an enormous open world format, and works as a massive multiplayer, so you can choose to play with friends, or strangers, whichever you decide. Choose from three guardian classes, each with their own unique skills and abilities.

You’ll be relying on these traits to help you protect the last city. Understandably these kind of games suit a certain kind of gamer, but if you’re a fan of sinking in to a whole new world, explore what Steam has on offer.

Flex Your Maths Muscles

If you want to enjoy gaming, but also feel like giving your brain a workout then there are some great options for you. Traditional maths puzzles such as Sudoku are easy to find online and handily come with a solution checker, which gives them an extra point against the traditional paper format. If you fancy something a little more high tech then real money casinos might be a good option.

If you’re already an experienced poker or blackjack player then you should be able to adapt to the online format pretty easily. Those who are new to the games on offer should be sure to look for low stakes games to begin with. Then, once you’re confident with the rules, and the world is back to normal, you might even feel like trying out your new skills in one of Alicante’s bricks and mortar establishments.

Stay Connected With Skribbl

If you happen to be stuck indoors alone then it can feel a little isolated. If you want to connect with friends and family but are tired of Zoom calls and pub quiz style formats then there are a selection of great online games to try. is an online drawing game with a very similar format to Pictionary.

For those who’ve never played before the premise is very simple. Load up the website and invite your friends to join your private room. A window that looks like Microsoft Paint will appear, along with a text box for your conversation to take place in. Take turns to draw the prompt given, allowing all of the other players to see who can guess the most quickly what is being drawn.

This game is the most fun with 3 or more players, but if there are only two of you who are really bored then it still works as a pair.

Do Good From Your Computer Chair

A novel idea that’s sprung about very recently, is how to use the same technology that makes media companies rich, to give to causes in need. Instead of the company that created the game receiving all of the money from advertisements and app purchases, a percentage of these fees is sent directly to charities.

There are plenty of companies to choose from who enable you to play games and do good, but Karmafy holds a large bank of games, so a lot of the hard work is done for you. Just sign on to their website and click through the link to whichever game you’d like, then play guilt free, knowing that your fun is helping a worthy cause.