The military has always been a respected institution in many countries around the world. It represents values like discipline, dedication, resilience, comradery, and excellence among many more.

Therefore, it makes sense that you may decide to design your bedroom with a military theme. It will help you embrace the military life whether you are planning on joining the military, you are already a member or you are a veteran.

Designing a military-themed bedroom is a daunting task requiring military knowledge and expertise. The following are tips to help you design a military-themed bedroom:

Military Wall Decals

The walls of your bedroom are a great place to start your decorating. They offer plenty of space that you have the freedom to utilize as you see fit.

A great idea is to put up some military decals on your wall. You can choose to put up temporary stickers or murals. You may also decide to use more permanent methods such as painting your walls.

The wall decals can include any element of the military that you like or a combination of them. A good idea is a wall decal of a military operation in the jungle which brings a bit of the wilderness into your bedroom. 

Military Heritage Wall

If you want a military-themed bedroom, then you probably have people in your family who have already been in the service. Some may be alive while some may be dead. You may also know other people dear to you who have served but are not family.

Chances are that these guys are your heroes. Therefore, while designing your bedroom, you can include a military heritage wall to pay homage to your military heroes.

The wall will be a constant reminder of your proud military heritage. It will definitely inspire and challenge you every time you spend time in your bedroom.

Military Memorabilia and Regalia

When designing a military-themed bedroom, you will want to make it look as authentic as possible. One way to do that is to add real military memorabilia to decorate your bedroom walls.

It is very difficult to obtain real military equipment unless a relative or a friend was in the military. Most people will choose to buy other military regalia from a military surplus store.

However, you just can’t match the history and authenticity of uniform or shoes worn in actual battle. It will make your bedroom feel more like the bedroom of a real warrior.

Military Bedding

You cannot design a bedroom in any way without talking about the bedding. The bed is the centerpiece of the room and the bedding is what you present about the bed.

You should cover your bed with military-themed bedding when designing it. You will find a great selection from VisionBedding. There are comforters, blankets, and bedsheets with many different designs. The bedding would be great if they could match the wall and other areas of the room. It will make you feel like you are actually sleeping in a military encampment.

Military Library

The military is an institution with an incredibly rich history probably only rivaled by religious institutions. There are very many books that can help you learn about various aspects of the military. If you don’t have a library in your house, you can design your room to include a small section where you can have your military books. Your bedroom does not have to only be used for sleeping but you can also learn a lot in there.

Decorating your room with a small military library will take some work and might include putting up some shelves or a cabinet. The more knowledge you have about the military, the easier it is to design a military-themed bedroom.

Camouflage Paint

There are many colors in the military. The navy, air force, marines, and army all have specific colors. However, the color most associated with the military is the green jungle color.

Therefore, the best color you can paint a military-themed bedroom is the military camouflage color. Painting your own camouflage pattern onto the walls of your bedroom will make it look amazing and unique. It is not easy to paint your walls with camouflage color as it takes a fair bit of skill. You can also use wallpaper as a less permanent alternative. You can also paint other areas of the bedroom with camouflage paint. It may include your closet doors, furniture, and window seals.

Combat Ceiling

The ceiling in your bedroom is often plain. However, if you are designing a military-themed bedroom, the ceiling is another space you can use to be creative.

You can turn your ceiling into a piece of art by turning it into a combat zone. Include as much military information as possible. A painting of a combat zone with tanks, choppers and Humvees would be spectacular.

Every time you look up at the ceiling, you will be reminded of the military call. It will inspire you to go out there and get right into the action.

Grass Mats

The floor is another important space when designing a bedroom. When designing a military-themed bedroom, you have several options on how to design the floor.

One great idea is to make the floor mimic the action-packed jungle battle zone which is usually full of grass. You can do that using grass mats that can be as thick as you want and cover part of or the entire floor.

Military Equipment

You have a wide variety of choices for the equipment you can put in your bedroom
You have a wide variety of choices for the equipment you can put in your bedroom

If you want your military-themed bedroom to really feel like it, you should put up as much military equipment in your room as is necessary. It will take a lot of effort to fit them into the design of your bedroom.

For example, you can use a large military chest instead of a suitcase. You have a wide variety of choices for the equipment you can put in your bedroom such as binoculars, helmets, and rucksacks among others.

Don’t too much because it will soon clutter your bedroom. The key is to put things that have meaning to you which you can always see when you are in your room. 

In conclusion, designing a military-themed bedroom is a challenging endeavor that requires serious planning. The upside is that you have so many options so all you have to do is be creative. Your bedroom can inspire you while you pay your respects to other military men you respect.