Preliminary work ot underway on Monday on the Paseo de La Glea in Orihuela Costa.

The Councilor, Ángel Noguera, said that “due to a heavy workload caused by the damage from DANA, and the subsequent stoppage of activity due to COVID-19 as well as the beginning of the summer season the works could not be started earlier. We understand the annoyance and frustration that may have been caused to residents and visitors, but now, at long last, we are able to carry out the necessary repairs so that we can restore the walkway to it’s previous splendour”.

He said that “in infrastructure we always try to start the works within the established deadlines, but sometimes difficulties arise that cause delays, as has happened with this work”.

The damages caused by DANA in September 2019 consist of a total of three projects in the section between Rambla del Nacimiento and Calle Rubén Darío, that mainly affect the pedestrian area of ​​the promenade, as well as some public lighting and drinking water.

The planned works to be carried out include repairs to walls, replacement of paving, drinking water and public lighting, signage and street furniture.

Noguera, said that “the contract has been awarded for an amount of € 72,003.28 and with an completion period of one month.”