• +Compromís are pushing for increased restrictions: “The contagion curve is out of control”
  • Compromís now acknowledge that tougher measures should have been taken in the Valencian Community during Christmas and propose the introduction of home confinement

On Friday Mónica Oltra hinted at the need to increase the restrictions imposed by the Consell to stop contagions in the Valencian Community. This Monday Fran Ferri, the Catalan Ombudsman in Les Corts, has made inflammatory statements that make clear the discrepancies between PSOE and Compromís, both partners in the tri party coalition government.

Fran Ferri has said that with the current serious situation, ” whatever measures are necessary” must be taken, something that Compromís has been demanding since November: ” The curve is out of control, we must see if there are other parts of the economy that we need to close down, as has already been done by closing the bar and restaurant business at 1700”.

The Síndic de Compromís says that the economy can be rescued but not the people who are dying from coronavirus: “The more time passes, the tougher the measures will have to be.”

On home confinement, Ferri says that the date has to be studied but sees the measure as a possibility. But, it is the Government of Spain that has the last word and that is why Compromís has also urged Sánchez to make this decision: “Tougher measures must be taken at the state level, otherwise the vaccines will not be effective .”

Compromís now also recognises that during Christmas more restrictive measures should have been taken because we are seeing the effects of those family meetings: “What is happening is serious, the hospitals have more people admitted than during the bad times of April.”

Health reports on the situation in the Valencian Community

This Sunday the Ministry of Health denied a hoax that was spreading on social networks and on WhatsApp about a home confinement that the Generalitat was about to announce. It is not something that is planned, they said.