Mojácar Council has set up its traditional nativity scene, or belén as it is known, in the Plaza del Parterre next to the Santa María Parish Church and, it will be open to the public throughout the Christmas period.

Several the town’s emblematic buildings make an appearance in the scene, along with figures donated by the owner of La Capilla restaurant, Manuel Navío, which have been on show there alongside other art works over the years.

Around fifty of these figures of great artistic value are displayed, originally acquired many years ago in Puente Tocino, Murcia, crafted by a well-known and prestigious belén creator. Even today, Murcian artists are still a world reference for the production of nativity scenes.

With Mojácar as a backdrop to the display, most of the models that depict the buildings and streets of the Old Town have been made by the art students from the Rey Alabez Secondary School. Last year, they were also charged with organizing the Council’s official nativity scene under the direction of their teacher, Lucrecia Parra. For these youngsters, it is a project they carry out with great enthusiasm and, highly valued by everyone in the town.  Using recycled materials and natural vegetation, emblematic places such as El Torreón, La Fuente and the Church have been lovingly recreated.

Even though most Christmas events have had to be cancelled due to the health crisis, the local Council have ensured that this most deeply rooted tradition is kept alive.  The Culture Department additionally hopes that, by this example, everyone in the town will be encouraged to create their own nativity scene, however small, in their home and, not lose this wonderful tradition that has marked Christmas time for generations.