• The incidence falls from one hundred infections per one hundred thousand inhabitants with 20 admitted to the Hospital

The Torrevieja health area is the only one in the Valencian Community with an incidence of coronavirus cases below one hundred infections per one hundred thousand inhabitants, currently just 75 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants, according to the Generalitat.

The department suffered a rebound in positive tests ten days after the Constitution holiday long weekend but this has now stabilised. A situation that contrasts with the rising number of cases in the rest of the health areas of the province.

Hospital occupation compared to that being experienced only a month ago is far lower: now there are 20 patients on the wards for the virus; On November 25, the centre confirmed 47 patients hospitalised on wards and 15 in the ICU.

However, with the ongoing Christmas, New Year and Three Kings holiday still to be concluded the authorities are certainly not resting on their laurels as they say they are well prepared for any spike that may arrive as people get back to work and to school.

There is no determining variable that explains the different evolution of the pandemic in the two health areas of Bajo Segura.

While Orihuela has registered a much higher number of cases and deaths in the second wave, during the first, between March and April, it was Torrevieja and its surroundings that were the most affected as the department of Health in Orihuela was the one that best dealt with the health crisis across the entire Community.

Unfortunately both areas have recorded a high number of cases and deaths since the start of the pandemic. 120 deaths and 3,145 cases in the department of Torrevieja and 5,491 cases and 84 deaths in Orihuela.

The pandemic arrived in the Vega Baja last March with cases registered in Torrevieja, Guardamar and Orihuela Costa through residential tourism from Madrid as it then spread through a population with a percentage of people aged over 60 years that is close to 30%.

Meanwhile, the residents of Orihuela and its surroundings, with a slightly lower aged population, suffered rather less while Murcia got of lightly during the first wave but suffered badly during the second.