The Rafal Council has approved the municipal contribution of 44,646.90 euros towards the reform and urbanisation of the Plaza de España, the bulk of which will be paid for with a grant from the Provincial Council of 892,738 euros

The works were included in the Provincial Plan for the year 2019. The Plenary  has now approved the modification of this works plan and Rafal has included it in the Special Plan as one of the seven works that will now be carried out.

The mayor of Rafal, Manuel Pineda, explained that what the City Council is proposing the renovation of the area “which has become a centre of activities and a meeting place for Rafaleños and Rafaleñas throughout its history. I recent years, however, it has deteriorated badly”.

The current square is more than twenty years old “and requires modernisation.”

The mayor also announced that the City Council is going to launch a process of citizen participation “so that the design belongs to everyone, and that in this way we will always be able to recognise ourselves in some way in the square of our town”.