By Andrew Atkinson

One of Spain’s biggest stars Toni Bright mesmerised an audience with magic as the Elche based mentalist brought festive cheers to Los Montesinos.

Toni is one of the most prestigious magicians of the mind – mentalists – in Spain after touring the best theatres throughout the country, from Barcelona to Torrevieja.

Toni entertained adults and children at the Auditorium of the School of Music and Culture with a most magical, surprising and fascinating night, with an impressive show that left the audience with their mouths open to rapturous applause.

Toni Bright mentalist at the Auditorium of the School of Music and Culture Los Montesinos. Photos Helen Atkinson.

Toni’s mentalist show included bending forks with your mind, through reading people’s minds, with extraordinary tricks, that rely on mental powers.

The limited masked attendees, due to the coronavirus situation, had temperatures taken and hands sanitized, before being escorted to their seats, with empty seats distancing protocol in place.

Chosen parents and children were invited onto the stage to partake in the mesmerising performance.

Toni Bright said: “The most beautiful thing is to see the faces of children and adults to see how they are surprised.

“The people who you invite onto the stage, and guess something, then their astonished face.”

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