The Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, confirmed this Wednesday that the December Constitution holiday weekend “has interrupted” the fall in coronavirus infections that the Valencian Community had registered in the last four weeks. However, she clarified: “It is not that there is widespread growth but we are not decreasing.”

In a statement she confirmed that on Thursday they will meet to discuss the new epidemiological situation to determine whether new restrictions should be applied for Christmas because the measures “are always flexible”.

She pointed out that yesterday’s data, which showed 2,841 positives, “is not good” – it sets a new record for infections – and interrupts a fall in the curve that we have seen for the last four weeks in a row.

Asked if the new data puts doubts on the Plans for Christmas, Barceló said stressed that “from the beginning” it has always been said that the measures adopted “are not immovable” but they  will always be adapted to the current epidemiological situation, which is analysed daily.

She said that they always intended to look at the situation following the Constitution holiday which, because it was over a long weekend, it promoted internal mobility throughout the Community and, of course, the transmission of the virus.

Many of the decisions that will be made at the meeting will depend on the result of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health Sservice that is held today.

Barceló asked the Council to “increase even more” the controls “in order to avoid the unjustified entry and exit into and out of the Community.”

She said that moving between regions is a “risk” for the transmission of the virus because “each community has a different incidence rate.”