Many people are growing tired of the typical Mediterranean design of all of the houses around. It’s a nice style, don’t get me wrong, but people looking for something different don’t find too much to be excited about when it comes to the decor and feel.

There is a trend lately to replicate an industrial vibe, especially those that are living in a loft or converted warehouse or factory space. In this case, industrial chic is the way to go. There is a fine line between rustic and refined, however and this holds true for industrial chic, as well. It can’t just be some rusty old building. There needs to be more of a style that is intentional and looks bespoke and not bedraggled.

In this article, I will go over the elements of industrial chic so you can incorporate the style in your own home.

Start with accents

To avoid a home that looks sterile because of too much of an industrial look, you may want to just go with some accents and fixtures to get started. For Instance, a kitchen table made out of stainless steel that has been made to look distressed is a good way to add a certain industrial element into your home. Even smaller tables like coffee tables or end tables can add a certain charm without going overboard.

If you have some exposed brick walls, then putting up some 3D metal art or sculpture will round out the look without going overboard. And if you are handy at all, you could even make it yourself. Aluminum mig welding machines can be bought for not much money and you can make this art cheaply. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even make some small furniture with it after some practice.

The trick here is to add bits of a neutral color palette without too much of it. So small areas with gray or metallic elements will work alongside the more unfinished looking areas of brick, wood or even concrete.

Railings on a staircase or light fixtures are always going to look in their place when used effectively. There are even retro looking light bulbs that match the industrial look as they imitate the old, factory bulbs with a big filament.

Expose the underneath

When people get excited to visit old cities like Toledo or Rome, they are in awe of the oldness of the buildings. They have an elegant decay in a way that is charming and warm. You can have the same effect in your home using elements of industrial chic style by exposing some of the older layers underneath.

This means that you may want to take down some plaster covering up the older brick wall underneath. Even a portion of the wall with some of the plaster left in place is a good way to achieve this look. Any rafters on a ceiling is also a great thing to expose to add a sense of time to your room.

If you have high ceilings then exposing the pipes and ductwork underneath also adds a layer of style to the space. It can look like an old factory in a way even if the space wasn’t ever used as such. In an open plan area, this look really works.

Hopefully you have a hardwood floor underneath your carpeting that can be exposed and worked on. Leaving it a bit raw after removing the carpet works well and makes your job easier. You’ll still need to sand it and stain it but leaving some of the imperfections will make it look like a factory floor that has seen lots of use.

Use some cement

Cement is versatile and cheap as a material so you should make good use out of it if you are going for an industrial look. Countertops made out of cement can be easily customized for both the look and the function. There are stains out there that will add any kind of touch that you want from metallic to distressed wood.

And a cement floor is long lasting and can even have radiant floor heating easily put underneath. A cement floor is long lasting and again, very customizable. You can choose whatever color you like. The stains available can give the cement a metallic look or even a more uniform color. They can be as homey and cozy as you like, or as gritty and industrial depending on your style choice. If you are a DIY type then you can even do this yourself.