By Andrew Atkinson

Guardamar artist Faycal has been inspired by the Flamenco Spanish culture that has seen the family man of three young children looking to exhibit paintings in Spain in the new year.

“I came to Spain with my small family with the purpose to settle and empower my love of painting,” Faycal told The Leader.

“I got fascinated with the Flamenco culture that inspired me to the point I produced a lot of paintings. I am passionate about the culture,” said Faycal.

Faycal, 42, raised in Casablanca, Morocco, said: “In my early youth I was inspired by the Dutch artist Robert G. His magical paintings caught my imagination.

“Since then I know this is what I have always wanted to be, an artist. I devoted all my time to learn and improve my art skills.

Guardamar artist Faycal: Ambitions to showcase exhibitions.

“It is really fascinating me and gives the meaning of happiness.”

Faycal, who produces a plethora of art of different types, including oils on canvas, said: “When I first started I used to prefer water paint based art, because it suits my way of painting, that depend on spontaneous quick-hits.”

Heading into 2021, Faycal has ambitions to stage exhibitions for his work: “I am ambitious to participate and expose all my paintings to a big number of people in Art exhibitions.

“I want to showcase the best of my paintings and integrate more in the Spanish culture of art,” said Faycal.

*If you are interested in exhibiting Faycal’s paintings please contact The Leader for details.


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