The Plenary of the City Council of Rafal has unanimously approved the suspension of the occupancy rate of public roads for the terraces of bars, restaurants and all types of hotel establishments in the municipality while the State of Alarm due to COVID-19 continues to be in force.

The council introduced the measure when the Government first decreed the State of Alarm, and it is now being extended, retroactively.

The mayor, Manuel Pineda, explained that the suspension of the rate “has been effective since 1 November for such establishments, who we hope to help, to alleviate the losses caused by the pandemic”.

terrace tax

After the Plenary had unanimously approved the motion, the mayor reminded members of the public of the importance of strictly following the measures to curb COVID-19 both with regard to the use of a mask, hand hygiene and limitation of social contacts, as well as the recommendations when going to both hospitality establishments and other types of shops.


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