The latest book in the Prior’s Hill Chronicles series, ‘Secrets & Lies’, has just been published!

Just to tempt you:

“Prior’s Hill is a small, quiet village troubled by secrets and lies that seek to undermine the entire village community. James Young, the headteacher of the village school, is drawn into a disturbing scenario involving a mistreated small boy and his criminal, but talented father.

Former Leader columnist Barrie Mahoney

James and his partner, Christian, seek to resolve the mystery by following a sequence of events that lead them to a mysterious cottage in Cornwall, and a tragic encounter with ‘cowboys’ and the Russian Mafia in Spain.”

This is a story written during the first lockdown, which I hope you will enjoy during subsequent lockdowns! If you enjoy it, please write a review on Amazon; if not, please forget that I asked!

‘Secrets & Lies’  is already available in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon, and will follow in Waterstones and Blackwells in due course.

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