• Quote: ‘The detainee is an old acquaintance of the police – with a long history of arrests and criminal record’ – Callosa police

By Andrew Atkinson

The Policia Callosa de Segura have arrested a French born thief who was found to have 40 portals stolen in a rucksack!

“The Local Police of Callosa de Segura arrested a 54-year-old male, identified by the initials FPMB, born in France,” said a spokesperson.

“At the time of his arrest he was carrying a backpack with 17 different types of cranks and a wrench, a tool with which he allegedly carried out the robberies,” added the spokesperson.

The local police were alerted through a telephone call that a man in a blue cap, white jacket and red bicycle was forcing the handles of a portal on Felipe II street.

Before that call, the police had already received three alerts for the same reason on Calle Abajo, Plaza de los Dolores and Calle La Cuesta.

“The detainee is an old acquaintance of the police – with a long history of arrests and criminal record,” said the spokesperson.

The theft of brass may be increasing, due to the economic crisis derived from COVID-19, and the curfew conditions  from the State of Alarm: “Selling stolen brass for scrap is an emerging business.

They are widespread thefts in many cities that are carried out – even in broad daylight and during working hours,” said the spokesperson.

This new type of thieving is widespread nationally. Many of these thieves act using a magnet, which helps them to know if there is hidden iron under the chrome.

The local police are notifying the owners of approximately 40 houses that have suffered the robberies and they can appear at the Civil Guard headquarters and proceed to file a complaint.

“The Police Councillor, Rocio Cuadrado, encourages the neighbours to continue collaborating with the local police in the prevention of crimes.

“Their help is invaluable, so that the agents continue to carry out their work with the extraordinary professionalism,” said the police spokesperson.