Strictly Come Dancing star Vincent Simone turned down the offer of being a choreographer for the 2020 BBC TV series – due to COVID-19.

Speaking exclusively from Ciudad Quesada on the Costa Blanca south, Simone, who resides in Spain, exclusively told The Leader: “I have still been involved with Strictly since leaving, as a choreographer.

“I was asked to be a choreographer for Strictly Come Dancing 2020, but declined, due to COVID-19.

Vincent Simone: love of motorbikes
Vincent Simone: love of motorbikes

“I didn’t want to do the 14 days isolation, imposed by the UK Government, due to the coronavirus outbreak situation.

“The secret is that last year I was involved in the show – with the choreography of Argentine Tangos.”

Italian Simone, whose dancing partner was Flavia Cacace, starred on Strictly Come Dancing during 2006-12, quit eight years ago: “I left Strictly to go into Theatre. I left because I was too big for the show!”, quipped Simone, who resides on the Costa Blanca with his wife Susan and their two children Matteo, eight, and Luca, 11.

“My wife tricked me to come to Spain – initially as a holiday home – and now we live here!,” said Simone.

“I’m in lockdown and there is no point in going to the UK to isolate for 14 days. I am concentrating on my life in Spain, to teach classes.

“Everything will be done to the coronavirus outbreak health and safety guidelines. We will get through this, until the coronavirus rules change.

“I can teach under the circumstances of the coronavirus rules,” said Simone, who has classes at The Lakeview in Cuidiad Quesada.

*In Part 4 of a Costa Blanca and Costa Calida Leader exclusive Vincent Simone talks about family life in Spain. His marriage at Castle Leslie, County Monaghan – the same venue Paul McCartney married – and his love of cars and motorbikes. ONLY IN THE LEADER!