Fire station BW defeat Fire station GW 7-2 in Torrevieja winter pool League

Bar Next Door top Torrevieja Winter Pool League
Bar Next Door top Torrevieja Winter Pool League

By Andrew Atkinson

Fire station Black Watch defeated Fire station Green Watch 7-2 in division one of the 2020-21 Torrevieja winter pool League.

Santana A chalked up a 6-3 away win at Iglesias Aces, with Brittania A gaining a 6-3 home win against Dubliners.

In division two Brittania B edged a 5-4 away win at Mi Sol, with Marie’s Rendezvous chalking up a resounding 8-1 return against Friendly Bar A, and The Courtyard A defeating Marina Bar 6-3.

In division three Hacienda bar defeated The Oasis 6-3, with Charlie’s Sports Bar defeating The Courtyard B 6-3.

Results, week 3: Division 1

Iglesias Aces 3 Santana A 6,

Britannia A 6 Dubliners 3,

F/station (gw) 2  F/station (bw) 7, Murphs 1 Terreza 8, CCS v Iglesias Bulls (p).

Division 2: Mi Sol 4 Britannia B 5, Marie’s Rendevous 8 Friendly Bar A 1, Friendly Bar B 2 Sports Bar 7, Santana B 6 Racin Toast 2 3, The Courtyard A 6 Marina Bar 3.

Division 3: Hacienda 6 Oasis 3,

Charlie’s Sports Bar 6 Courtyard B 3, O’Brien’s 8 The George 1, Laguna 7 Micky’s Bar 2. Thirsty Boot (bye).


Due to coronavirus curfew restrictions the draw has been drawn by leagues not almalgatated.

4/11. Division 1 preliminary:

F/station (bw) v CCS,

Iglesias Bulls v Murphs. 16/12 Round 1: Dubliner v winner F/station/CCS; Britannia A v winner Iglesias Bulls/Murphs;

Iglesias A v Santana A; F/station (gw) v Terreza.

Division 2 preliminary: Friendly B v RT2; Courtyard A v Marie’s Rendevous.

Round 1: Mi Sol v winner of Friendly B/RT2; Marina Bar v winner Courtyard A/ Marie’s Rendevous; Santana B v Friendly Bar A; Sports Bar v Britannia B.

Division 3 preliminary: Micky’s Bar v The George. Round 1:

Thirsty Boot v winner of Micky’s/The George;

Hacienda v O’Brien’s;

Laguna v Oasis; Charlie’s Sports Bar v Courtyard B.

The draw was witnessed by Keith, from Hacienda bar.